Some useful daily du'a recited by: Qari Sebghatullah Amin
1 Surah Ad Duha PLAY
2 First Kalima At Taiba PLAY
3 Second Kalima Shahadah PLAY
4 Dua for beauty of morning PLAY
5 Dua when eating PLAY
6 Dua when finish eating PLAY
7 Dua when going to bed PLAY
8 Dua when waking up PLAY
9 Dua for entering bathroom PLAY
10 Dua for leaving bathroom PLAY
11 Dua for entering Masjid PLAY
12 Dua for leaving Masjid PLAY
13 Dua when hearing good news PLAY
14 Dua when sad or in trouble PLAY
15 Dua when angry PLAY
16 Dua for leaving the home PLAY
17 Dua for traveling PLAY
18 Dua for returning from a trip PLAY
20 Dua for visiting the sick PLAY
21 Dua for Jinaza PLAY
22 Dua Qunut PLAY
23 Tashahud PLAY

Some Other daily Supplication with english Translation

Dua Qunoot By: Mashari Rashid (Book)
Dua Qunoot By: Mashari Rashid (Audio)

Some useful Dua books

[Essential Duas in the life of a Muslim] [Fortification of the Muslim]
[A selection of Supplications From Al-Quran and Authentic Hadith]
[Duas For Hajj and Other Occasions] [The Answered Supplication] [Daily Supplications] [Dua English]

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