An-Nawawi's Forty Hadiths
with English translation and explainations

PLAYHadith 1     Actions are judged by intentions
PLAYHadith 2     What are Islam, Believe and Qyamat
PLAYHadith 3     Five pilars of Islam
PLAYHadith 4     Pregnancy and Child growth..
PLAYHadith 5     Bringing new thing as religion
PLAYHadith 6     Halal and Haram
PLAYHadith 7     What is religion?
PLAYHadith 8     Fighting with koffar
PLAYHadith 9     Virtuous
PLAYHadith 10    Cleanness and eating clean
PLAYHadith 11    Leaving doubt
PLAYHadith 12    Killing of a Muslim
PLAYHadith 13    Telling the good
PLAYHadith 14    Not bein angry
PLAYHadith 15    Slaughtering animals with kindness
PLAYHadith 16    Having fears of Allah (SWT) and being beneficent
PLAYHadith 17    Remembering Allah (SWT) and seeking help from Allah and destiny
PLAYHadith 18    Pudency, modesty
PLAYHadith 19    Believe and stability in believe
PLAYHadith 20    Who enters to the Paradise (Jannat)?
PLAYHadith 21    Charity examples (1)
PLAYHadith 22    Pudency, modesty
PLAYHadith 23    Sin and beneficence
PLAYHadith 24    Advises of the Prophet (PUH)
PLAYHadith 25    Believe, prayer and controlling your tongue
PLAYHadith 26    Disobeying commands of Allah (SWT)
PLAYHadith 27    Being devoted
PLAYHadith 28    Loss
PLAYHadith 29    Arguing and having witness
PLAYHadith 30    Preventing Evil or bad
PLAYHadith 31    Friendship and brotherhood
PLAYHadith 32    Fault-finding
PLAYHadith 33    Being beneficent and doing evil
PLAYHadith 34    Nafel prayers and loving Allah (SWT)
PLAYHadith 35    Forgiveness
PLAYHadith 36    Loving this wold
PLAYHadith 37    Who is a believer?
PLAYHadith 38    Being-forgiven
PLAYHadith 39    What is pardoned for this ummah
PLAYHadith 40    The Muslim's attitude towards the worldly life
PLAYHadith 41    Desires to be subservient to Revelation
PLAYHadith 42    Seeking Allah's Forgiveness


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